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Lois McMaster Bujold Quotes

If you ever have to make a choice between learning and inspiration, choose learning. It works more of the time.”

An honor is not diminished for being shared.”

Experience suggests it doesn’t matter so much how you got here, as what you do after you arrive.”


Who Is Lois Bujold

Lois McMaster Bujold is an American fantasy and science fiction novelist currently residing in residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As a child, she developed an interest in science fiction novels, something she attributed to her father Robert Charles McMaster. This interest served as her inspiration for one of her most notable works, the Vorkosigan Saga.

Bujold was not always a successful writer; in fact, she received four rejections before her first book The Warrior’s Apprentice, was finally accepted. Now, she is an acclaimed writer, having won several awards, including the renowned Hugo Award, which she won five times. She also garnered several awards and nominations for other notable award-giving bodies like the Nebula Awards, Skylark Award, and Locus Award.

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