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How to Keep Yourself Motivated

Self-employed individuals usually find a harder time remaining motivated. When you don’t have a boss or co-worker encouraging you, or at the very least, constantly reminding you of an imminent deadline or a priority task, you only have yourself to rely on to stay motivated. Read on for tips on how to keep yourself motivated.

It sounds easy enough but with so many distractions present in our lives, from social media to your Netflix queue, it’s so easy to put off work in favor of more fun, mindless activities. For a lot of self-employed individuals, they also work from their homes and the presence of family or friends can also be a great source of distraction. And since self-employed people usually set their own deadlines, it’s so easy to put off accomplishing a task when you know you have time later anyway.

That is until you’ve put it off for so long that you’re out of time or your business has suffered.

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While being self-employed does give you the luxury of managing your own time, you have to manage that time wisely in order to remain productive and profitable. The thing is we don’t put off work because they’re difficult, it’s simply because we’re not motivated so we try to do things that we think are more fun.

Outlined below are tips on how to keep yourself motivated

So how can you remain motivated when you don’t have a boss or co-workers around you to help you out? Try out these four tips to motivate yourself:

  1. Look Back to Why You Started: When you first started your business, you were probably excited and looking forward to every new task that comes your way. This is because you had a goal you wanted to achieve or a passion that drives. Perhaps you wanted to develop new game apps or maybe even make your first million. Or maybe you started freelancing because you loved to write and it makes you happy. Remind yourself of those goals and passion and use it to fuel you and motivate you to keep going.
  2. Remember Your Passion: Most self-employed individuals chose their current line of work because it’s their passion. They left an office setting where they work for the intentions and goals of others in favor of being self-employed where they can pursue their own passions. Remember your passion and remember how it made you feel. You can re-capture these feelings by continually working on your business or project and let these happy thoughts keep you motivated.
  3. Find Support: Just because you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck or that nosy co-worker asking if you’ve finished your report, doesn’t mean you still can’t find others to help keep you motivated. Talk to your friends or family members to find strength and motivation. They can even help you by checking up on you every now and then about what you’re working on and your progress. The excitement of updating them with what you’ve accomplished can motivate you to continue working instead of procrastinating.
  4. Identify the Roadblocks to Creativity: Try to analyze what things are causing you to procrastinate. Are they internal issues like a lack of confidence or maybe external distractions like social media or your new Xbox? Maybe you’re putting off a task because you feel you don’t have enough skills for it? In which case, it’s okay to ask for support or search for professional help even. External distractions can be hard to ignore but it can be done. Limit your time on social media or gaming and respect your time enough to stick to those limits and don’t bargain. A lack of confidence can be difficult to overcome, what you can do is push yourself and know that nothing is perfect. Just do it, just because you may not get it the first time around doesn’t mean that you can’t keep working on it.

We’re always on the hunt for other advice on how to keep yourself motivated. Share yours with us in the comments!

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