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8 Negative Mental Habits We Should Stop Immediately

We have habits that we’ve consciously tried to develop through practice and consistency. These are usually good habits that can positively affect our lives like exercising regularly, eating healthy or having a regular working schedule to improve productivity. But subconsciously we can develop negative mental habits without even realizing it.  There are also habits though

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The Best Way To Handle Rejection

It doesn’t matter if we’ve experienced rejection once, twice or a hundred times. Each time it happens, it does a number on our self-confidence and doesn’t make it any easier to find the best way to handle rejection. The truth is rejection can hurt you, and there’s nothing wrong with feeling hurt. But hiding away

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8 Ways to Improve Your Mental Strength

When it comes to ways you can you improve your mental strength, fitness experts always say that the mind gives up long before your body does. That’s why it’s important to keep a healthy and strong mind in order to stay motivated and focused on achieving your fitness goals. The same can be applied to

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5 Habits To Stop Yourself From Procrastinating

We’ve all fallen victim to procrastination, then you find that you’re trying to stop yourself from procrastinating. We promise ourselves that we’d accomplish a certain task at a specific time but then we get distracted by something we found on our social media page or a chore that just cannot wait. We start to bargain that

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How to Deal with Toxic People

So you want to learn how to deal with toxic people. Toxic people are those individuals around us who always seem to find the bad side to everything They are unable to criticize in a constructive manner and their only reaction to problems are hurtful actions like yelling or getting angry. They are usually not

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7 Ways to Form Good Habits After Breaking Them

Have you ever started good habits and everything seems to be going well for you but one day you find yourself relapsing? Perhaps you’ve started exercising daily or eating healthy or following a regular writing schedule, but then for one reason or another you miss a day or two and suddenly the good habits you’ve

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The Importance of Coping Skills

Oftentimes when we hear someone say that they’re coping, we automatically think that this is not a good place to be in and the person must immediately move past this stage. As we touch on the importance of coping skills, we find that’s not the case at all. Coping is a very important skill that can

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10 Ways to Break Out of Creative Roadblocks

Whether you’re working on a professional or personal project, there are just some days, even weeks, that we feel as if nothing is coming out. For some reason, we just can’t seem to break out of creative roadblocks. It feels that our creative juices have dried up and we can’t seem to move forward, and

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5 Ways to Be Content With What You Have

The advent of the digital age has driven consumerism to an all time high. It’s so easy to purchase the things that we want or catch our eye with a simple click on our computer or tapping our phones or tablets, rather than to be content with what you have. Moreover, the prevalent social media culture

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7 Traits of Individuals with Enhanced Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence or Emotional Quotient, more commonly referred to as EQ, first crept into the general population’s consciousness in the mid-90’s with the release of psychologist and science journalist Daniel Goleman’s book “Emotional Intelligence – Why it Can Matter More Than IQ”. In his book, Dr. Goleman says that our Intelligence Quotion or IQ does