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7 Ways to Form Good Habits After Breaking Them

Have you ever started good habits and everything seems to be going well for you but one day you find yourself relapsing?

Perhaps you’ve started exercising daily or eating healthy or following a regular writing schedule, but then for one reason or another you miss a day or two and suddenly the good habits you’ve so painstakingly developed have fallen to the wayside. You start eating fast food again, not having time to work out or procrastinating.

You’re not alone. A lot of people try to make positive changes in their life with much determination but obstacles get in our way, whether internal or external, and our good habits get forgotten.

But don’t get discouraged if this happens to you. We’re human beings and not robots, we’re not wired to consistently follow a routine without failure. Our life does not exist in a vacuum and every now and then there are things we cannot control that can get in the way of good habits.

What we can do is focus on starting again and getting stronger each time.

Our tips on forming good habits again after breaking them

  1. Ask Yourself Why You Stopped: Take time to reflect on what could’ve caused you to cease your good habits. Was it a personal issue? Or was it certain events or people in your life that distracted you from your goal? This allows you to identify if there is an ongoing issue so you can come up with a resolution. It also equips you with knowledge on how to deal with these problems should they come up again so you won’t fall out of your good habits.
  2. Don’t Beat Yourself Up About It: So you’ve had a relapse from your good habits and gone back to unhealthy ones, don’t beat yourself up about it. No one is perfect and we’re prone to mistakes. Forgive yourself and know that you’re allowed another chance to start again. The most important thing is to move forward and not wallow in self-pity.
  3. Find Support: Getting back to good habits once you’ve fallen off can be difficult at times. Don’t be afraid to lean on someone. Talk to a friend or family member or find a support group online to help encourage you work your way towards developing those good habits again. Perhaps you’ve stopped working out regularly, join a forum or group who can be there to motivate you and you can give back by also helping motivate others.
  4. Remember Why You Started: We try to develop good habits because of a certain goal. Maybe you started eating healthily because of a history of heart disease or diabetes in your family and you want to lead a healthier life. Focus on that goal and acknowledge how important it is to you. Knowing just how important your goal is allows you to be more determined to develop your good habit again. And when you focus on your intentions as opposed to the good habit itself, you’ll know why it should be a priority and why you should work harder to maintain it this time around.
  5. Start Small: If you’ve fallen off a good habit for a long time, don’t pressure yourself to getting back to where you were before. A lot of people try to jump right in and think that just because they’ve been doing this before, they can just start it up again. This will only cause frustration and disappointment. If you used to work out daily, set a goal for exercising two to three times a week. After you’ve gotten this routine down, work your way up until you were at the point you were in before.
  6. Forget About Past Missteps: Once you’ve recognized the reason you broke your good habits, don’t let it affect your current progress. The only thing that matters is what you’re doing now to start your good habits again. Don’t second-guess yourself with past missteps and just focus on the progress you’re making.
  7. Look At Your Good Habits with Fresh Eyes: When we try to start our good habits again, we try to compare it with how much better we were doing it before. Stop this train of thought. Instead, look at developing your good habits with fresh eyes. Maybe you’re starting a new writing schedule after a life event like marriage or having a baby. Act like you’ve never done it before and perhaps you’ll even find a new and better approach. Where we are at this moment is different from where we are a year or even a month ago. Develop your good habits with where you are at your life at this moment in mind so you can find a process that works for you.
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Good habits are not always easy to maintain but there’s an important reason why we started. Just because you’ve fallen off a good habit doesn’t mean that you can’t start up again. Try these simple tips and you can get back on your way to developing your good habits.

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