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6 Things That Make Your Life More Complete

It’s easy to be distracted by the glitz and glamour of material excesses, but to make your life more complete, you shouldn’t lose sight of the truly important things in life. While material things like a large paycheck, expensive cars and a sprawling home can provide convenience and even temporary euphoria; these are not the things that truly make life complete.

Sit down and ask yourself, what aspects of your life make you feel complete and give you that strong sense of happiness and contentment? The specific sentiments answers can vary from person to person but we can attribute it to these six universal sentiments that we all want to experience.

What helps make your life more complete

Here are the six things that complete your life:

  1. A Sense of Accomplishment: There is a very real satisfaction in knowing that you’ve completed something in your life, or even just in your day. There are times when we feel lethargic and want to just lie down and sleep. But life isn’t about resting, in fact, the purpose of sleep is to recharge our bodies so we can do more things in life every day. Setting out to accomplish something and working for it is an important factor in making our life feel complete.
  2. Strong Friendships: Our friends can provide great support in the toughest times of our life. So don’t discard friendships and truly value their importance. Invest time and effort in deepening the bonds you have with your friends. Be there for the good times as well as the challenging ones and be thankful for every support they can offer, no matter how small.
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Of course, not all friendships are as deep and involved as some of our best ones. But casual friendships also enrich and complete your life. Having someone to call for a late night drink or an early brunch can give you a sense of companionship that contributes to the quality of life.

  1. Embracing Your Culture: Art, music, traditions, ceremonies and even fashion are all things that make life unique and interesting. Take time to imbibe the culture around you, the history of your town, city or country that is part of who you are and has helped shape you into the person you’re becoming.
  2. Value your Spirituality: Spirituality does not equate to religion. It is simply appreciating and celebrating that which makes us different from other animals or non-sentient beings. Spirituality gives us insight to the true value of life and all the wonderful things that come with it. Valuing your spirituality helps us lead a more complete existence.
  3. Be More Involved: Sometimes we get so engrossed in our own work or problems that we forget the important people in our life and miss out on things that we end up regretting. When you feel that you’re becoming more isolated from the world, pull your head up and open your eyes and see what’s going on around you.

Make time to not just live life, but experience it. See a play with your family and friends, go to the beach with your co-workers, or just sit at the park and talk to a complete stranger.

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More often than not, we end up learning something from these new experiences, or at the very least have some lasting memories that we can treasure until the end of our life. Chasing after life experiences enriches our life and makes it complete.

  1. Know the Importance of Family and Close Relationships: Just like our friends, family is one of our biggest support systems. So give them value by treasuring their presence in your life. Spend time with your family and get to know them as they evolve as life goes by. The time you spend with your family doesn’t always have to be grand or extremely meaningful. And there are times when it’s not always feasible to be physically close to them. But sharing a small joke through email or a short phone call can do wonders to your familial relationship. Let them know, even in small ways, that they are important to you and you will be there for them whenever they need you.

In cherishing our family and close relationships, we enrich our lives and have more sense of completeness.

Join in the conversation and share your own tips on how you make your life more complete, in the comments below.

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