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5 Ways To Stop Doubting Yourself

Starting a new project can be incredibly fulfilling and exciting. You’re brimming with new ideas and you start laying down plans of action to make sure your project attains success. But then you encounter a hurdle in your path, big or small, and suddenly you feel like everything is going wrong, and you say to your self, “I can’t do it.” But why can’t you stop doubting yourself?

This is a situation that a lot of us find ourselves in. We embark on new ideas, whether for our personal or professional life, but then we encounter a problem and we abandon our ideas altogether.

This is the moment when you should ask yourself, is the problem really that big or is the real problem ourselves?

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While there are cases when outside factors can truly hinder our plans, a lot of times the only thing stopping us is our own negative mindset.

These are called internal roadblocks, negative thoughts in our head that no one can see or verbalize but continue to affect every decision that we make. Learning to stop doubting yourself is probably one of the hardest mental hurdles to tackle.

What exactly is the source of these internal roadblocks?

It can be perfectionism that convinces us that unless everything is absolutely right in place, our plans will never succeed. It can be when expectations are so high that if we don’t meet our targets, we conclude that our actions are a failure. Being too afraid to take risks is also an internal roadblock, subconsciously thinking that the only way to avoid failure is to not try at all. And there are the myriad of excuses we make up in our head, like you’re too old, too young, don’t have enough resources or knowledge, that hinder us from moving forward.

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But if we keep letting these internal roadblocks control our every move, we won’t ever be able to achieve anything.

Stop doubting yourself

So how do you stop doubting yourself when your head keeps saying that you can’t do it? Here are a few ways to get over that “I can’t do it” mindset:

  1. Stay Focused on the Solution
    • Instead of focusing on what a big problem you have on your plate, put your energy into thinking of a solution. Consider an obstacle as a new opportunity to test your skills and learn new lessons.
  1. Ask Yourself What You Can Bring to the Table
    • Instead of thinking about how you don’t have enough skills or experience for a task or endeavor, ask yourself about what you do have that can help. You may have skills or ideas to contribute to the project but you’re too busy downplaying yourself to bring them out. So before you say you can’t do it, ask yourself what you can do.
  1. Don’t Let Rejection Stop You
    • Let’s face it, not everyone will always agree to our ideas and suggestions. That is not a reason to stop voicing them out or having new ones. Instead, look at it as an opportunity to improve yourself. If someone says no, ask them why, they may have really helpful constructive criticism for you.
  1. Be Proactive
    • If you’re part of a new team at work, or a project at school, be proactive. Don’t expect others to ask you for your ideas or suggestions. Have enough confidence in yourself to volunteer your voice.
  1. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others
    • When we start telling ourselves that we’re not smart enough, or skilled enough, it’s usually because we’re comparing ourselves to someone else. Don’t measure your success or achievements based one someone else., you are only sabotaging yourself and limiting what you can do. Focus on your own value and what you can do to tackle the obstacles ahead of you.
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The next time your mind starts telling you that you can’t do it, remember these five ways and turn that negative mindset into a positive one.

What are some tactics that you use to stop doubting yourself? Share them in the comments below!

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