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5 Habits To Stop Yourself From Procrastinating

We’ve all fallen victim to procrastination, then you find that you’re trying to stop yourself from procrastinating. We promise ourselves that we’d accomplish a certain task at a specific time but then we get distracted by something we found on our social media page or a chore that just cannot wait.

We start to bargain that we’ll just spend half an hour on this one thing and get right onto our task.

And then another thirty minutes pass, and another and before we know it it’s the end of the day and we’ve accomplished nothing.

Procrastination can be a troublesome habit that causes unproductivity, frustration, and maybe even getting fired from your work.

So how do we combat procrastination? By starting a better habit of not procrastinating. It seems a little redundant but to stop yourself from procrastinating you have to recognize that that is in fact what you’re doing and you have to actively stop yourself from doing it.

How to Stop Yourself From Procrastinating

Here are five daily habits you can do so you don’t fall victim to procrastination.

  1. Take Baby Steps: We usually put off a task because we find it too difficult or too boring. So start small so it’s not so overwhelming. Give yourself five to ten minutes to work on a task and perhaps you’ll discover that it’s not so bad. After the time limit is up, you can feel free to stop working. As the days past, increase your time limit and soon you’ll fall into a habit of prioritizing tasks that you tend to procrastinate on.
  2. Ask Support From Another Person: Let someone, a friend or a family member, know that you’re trying to accomplish a task you’re procrastinating on and you need their help to remind you to get on this task. Motivate yourself further by telling them that you’ll owe them a huge favor or even bet them some money if you don’t accomplish your daily task.
  3. Do It First Thing in The Morning: The tasks we procrastinate on are the ones we least like to do. So don’t leave it for the end of the day when you’re too tired to focus. Dive right into that unwanted task first thing in the morning when your mind’s still fresh and energized.
  4. Leave Notes to Remind and Encourage You: It can be a little post-it on your computer screen or a large print out on your door in bold, shiny letters, write yourself a little note reminding you of your task and some motivational quotes to inspire you. You can even put post-it notes around the house so when you start wandering, you’ll find surprise reminders telling you to get back to work.
  5. Don’t Give in to Distractions: When it comes to procrastination, distractions can sometimes be completely made up in our head. If you have the urge to do something else, ask yourself, do you really need to do this now? If the answer is no, take a breath and allow the moment to pass before jumping right back in to your task.
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Motivation and determination can go a long way to stop us from procrastinating. Try these simple tips and you can soon find yourself beating the procrastination habit.

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