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13 Tips to Have the Best Start to Your Work Day

Do you find yourself being beaten down by the daily grind every day? We’ve got 13 suggestions to help you have the best start to your work day. Do you feel that all your time is eaten up by work that you feel you don’t have any energy or time left to nourish yourself, both physically and spiritually?

You’re not alone. So many individuals in the corporate world find themselves in a seemingly endless cycle work-sleep-work-sleep that ends with them lacking sleep, endangering their health and feeling overworked.

The irony is if you consistently go through this cycle and don’t leave time for yourself, even if all you do is work non-stop you will eventually burn out and this will cause your work performance to suffer.

Work is important, but to make sure that you’re always working at your optimal best, you have to make sure your body, mind and soul are all in tip-top shape. You don’t have to take an entire week or even day off work just so you can have the best start to your work day. There are simple things you can do at the beginning of a workday that don’t take a lot of time so you can stay motivated, energized and refreshed.

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Behold, the best start to your work day

So what can you do make sure that you’re looking after your well being every day? Here are 13 tips to have the best start to your workday.

  1. Exercise: Fitness activities as part of your regular routine seems to be a no-brainer but somehow a lot of people can’t seem to keep it up because they feel they don’t have enough energy. The thing is, working out in the morning will actually give you more energy throughout the day, not mention help you keep fit. Start small with just 30-minute exercises (like jogging, swimming or even following a dance or aerobic workout video) two to three times a week and work your way up.
  2. Schedule Your Breaks: Take control of your own time and don’t let work dictate your schedule. You don’t always have to answer emails the moment they come in. Dedicate certain hours of your day to do anything that has no relation to your work and stick to it. Eventually, your colleagues will recognize this schedule and learn to respect it.
  3. Make Time for Things You Enjoy: Whether it’s a long bubble bath or crocheting, make time for things that give you happiness.
  4. Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Sleep: Sleep is very important so don’t make a habit of pulling an all-nighter. Sometimes we feel as if we have to sacrifice sleep in order to meet deadlines, but foregoing rest is actually counter-productive. Sleep lets our body recharge so we can stay alert and energized the next day. Not getting enough sleep will leave you sluggish and could affect your work performance. Make sure you have enough sleep so you can always put your best foot forward. This is key to having the best start to your work day.
  5. Don’t Answer Emails First Thing in the Morning: With the advancement of technology, it’s become habit for a lot of us to check our phones the moment we wake up and automatically answer emails while still in bed. This sets the tone for the day and before you know it, you have no time left for yourself. It can be a hard habit to break, so before you go to bed, put your phone somewhere far from your bed so you can’t reach for it.
  6. Meditate: Just spending five to ten minutes every day meditating every day can do wonders for your psyche. Allow yourself to close your eyes, relax and reflect on everything positive in your life and keep your negative and toxic thoughts at bay. This allows you to appreciate life more and can keep you more centered and focused on the task ahead.
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  1. Catch Up with the Important People in Your Life: Having a solid support system is extremely important in our lives, so invest time in keeping these bonds alive. Just a couple of minutes on the phone catching up with our friends, family and loved ones reminds us that there’s more to life than work and can help us manage our stress and keep us motivated.
  2. Read Some Creative Work: Reading creative work allows us to escape into a different world, forget about real life worries and let our brains take a break from work. It can also stimulate our creative side and help us think outside the box and find new approaches to the way we work.
  3. Get Into Yoga: Yoga is all about connecting your mind and body and by doing so reaping many benefits, from better sleep, improved posture, lower cholesterol and lesser stress and anxiety.
  4. Write it Out: Keeping everything inside can add to your stress. Allow yourself to vent your frustrations, whether personal or professional, in a journal. Writing it out can also let you look at problems from an objective point of view so you can sort it out and look for solutions with a clear mind free from emotional drama.
  5. Learn About New Things: Sometimes work consumes us so much that we forget that there are so many more things we can learn in life. Listen to a podcast or read a new book on topics that have no relation to your industry or work will keep your mind active and give your brain some exercise.
  6. Practice Creativity: Even if you’re not a born artist or writer, painting or writing poems can help us alleviate the stress we feel every day. It can also be enjoyable and who knows, you might have latent talents just waiting to be discovered.
  7. Don’t Forget Your Inner Child: Allow yourself to just have fun with no worries. Play a game with your friends or with your children where your only objective is to keep laughing.

What do you consider the best start to your work day? Let us know in the comments!

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